I ordered this dress from Rosewe.com for $21.77 in size Large, thinking it was a good deal for a simple yellow dress. In the photo, the dress appeared to be made from a medium-weight, bright, mustard yellow fabric. It also had pockets and brass accents on the waist ties.

The dress I received looks nothing like the one I ordered and is merely a VERY poorly made knock off. It is SEE THROUGH and made from an entirely different fabric from what was shown, the seams are torn and falling apart, one of the pockets is sewn so small that I can't fit my hand in it, and it is sized as though it was made for a child.

I have tried to contact the website to get a refund for the dress with no response. Their customer service interface is roundabout and never really lets you contact anyone. After looking into it further, I realize this website is something I should never have ordered from to begin with.

They advertise "Free Shipping Worldwide No Minimum Purchase Required" in red in the banner at the top of their site, but I was charged $1.99 for shipping. I didn't mind it at the time, because it wasn't that much money, however part of their poorly-written return policy states "The refund is about 60% of all items price customers return. The rest money is for shipping fee when we sent items." Their entire return policy is written in broken english, but I'm assuming what this means is that IF you were able to return an item, you would only get a partial refund.

This website is lying to customers and stealing from whomever the images of their products actually belong to. They are frauds and their whole scheme is a complete rip off.

Reason of review: Poor customer service, Bad quality, Damaged and Defective, Not as Described.

Monetary Loss: $24.

Preferred solution: Full refund.

Rosewe Cons: Poor customer service, Cannot get refund, Are crooks and liars, Not as advertised, Product is garbage.

Location: Antioch, California

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So true, the images they post are falacies. These images belong to other website in which they make replicas of the clothing.

Poorly seen replicas. DO NOT PURCHASE FROM THIS WEBSITE. DO NOT PURCHASE. FYI: the scam is them stating they will return for full refund, it actually cost more to send items back to them, then what you payed in the beginning.

#ripoff ... Don't order from fashion Mia either.


Thanks girls! I was just entering my CC info and then something told me to look at the reviews for this website! the dress is so cute but Im sure I can find it somewhere around me


similar happened to me.. i ordered a dress, it was a pretty blue color..

when i got it it looked nothing like the picture.. the fabric was dang near tule, and completely see thru. one of the dresses, the sleeve was sewn so narrorw, I couldnt get my hand in, a shirt i ordered looked NOTHING like the one the had a picture of.

they make returning so difficult.

one of their reps told me to try to sell the items to my friends. how it wouldnt be worth it to return the items.

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