I ordered this dress from Rosewe.com for $21.77 in size Large, thinking it was a good deal for a simple yellow dress. In the photo, the dress appeared to be made from a medium-weight, bright, mustard yellow fabric. It also had pockets and brass accents on the waist ties.

The dress I received looks nothing like the one I ordered and is merely a VERY poorly made knock off. It is SEE THROUGH and made from an entirely different fabric from what was shown, the seams are torn and falling apart, one of the pockets is sewn so small that I can't fit my hand in it, and it is sized as though it was made for a child.

I have tried to contact the website to get a refund for the dress with no response. Their customer service interface is roundabout and never really lets you contact anyone. After looking into it further, I realize this website is something I should never have ordered from to begin with.

They advertise "Free Shipping Worldwide No Minimum Purchase Required" in red in the banner at the top of their site, but I was charged $1.99 for shipping. I didn't mind it at the time, because it wasn't that much money, however part of their poorly-written return policy states "The refund is about 60% of all items price customers return. The rest money is for shipping fee when we sent items." Their entire return policy is written in broken english, but I'm assuming what this means is that IF you were able to return an item, you would only get a partial refund.

This website is lying to customers and stealing from whomever the images of their products actually belong to. They are frauds and their whole scheme is a complete rip off.

Reason of review: Poor customer service, Bad quality, Damaged and Defective, Not as Described.

Monetary Loss: $24.

Preferred solution: Full refund.

Rosewe Cons: Poor customer service, Cannot get refund, Are crooks and liars, Not as advertised, Product is garbage.

Location: Antioch, California

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Thanks bcuz I was thinking about ordering.....


Many thanks for the information, i went through their website for months was about to buy from them then i searched for reviews, some chinese suppliers are scammers. so thank you


Please don't purchase from these clowns.


Rosewe is a horrible outlet. Do NOT order from them.

When I returned some items they continued to state a credit would be made to my card for over 60 days.

Afterward, I filed a complaint with my credit card, but was too late. Rosewe, did not credit my purchase even though I returned the items.


Wow thank you for sharing so glad I decided to seek reviews first


Is Lilligal an affiliated company as they sell many of the same swimsuits?


Thanks for sharing you experience. I was about to purchase a dress from them. You saved me a lot


Awful to see the awful the experiences people have had with this site. I purchased an outfit from this site in early March.

I didn't expect anything SPECTACULAR for the price but figired I'd give it a shot. It arrived quicker than I thought it would and wasn't half bad. Was it Gucci quality? Absolutely not.

But it wasn't see through and there weren't random seams coming apart or anything. The outfit included an off the shoulder shirt and sheath skirt. It actually fit better than expected. Wore it as planned just this past weekend.

Got a bunch of compliments.

I was actually looking online today for another outfit for another upcoming event when I came across the same outfit at Rotita. The price was slightly less for what I was looking at, but they're clearly the same company behind the scene.I played with PayPal before and will do so again...particularly for the purchase insurance they offer.


I made several purchases from Rosewe. I was satisfied except for the length of time it takes the company to process and ship the merchandise. You see these merchandise comes from China direct and it takes a while for the shipment to arrive.


I wish I would have checked out this company. Horrible quality.

No communication possible with this company. Same merchandise sold using a different name as well. It’s a big scam. Save your money.

Reviews on their website is perfect. Also a scam.


Thank you so much for your feedback on the company. I tried ordering on Friday and used a gift card as I didn’t trust using my debit card.

So glad I did this! You can’t use gift cards on foereign transactions.

When I did try using my debit card, I He site kept telling me that my email address was already in use and when I tried to retrieve my password, it said my email address didn’t exist! I am therefore grateful to all the reviews and warnings about this company.


you know you just paid $500 in Chinese money or this piece of crap. Just go to Forever21. At least shop American companies you can trust.


Thank you everyone who posted a review about Rosewe.com. You just saved me about $500.

I went to purchase many items for work, but then I realized that there was not any about info on the company on their website, no address, no phone number, no info at all actually. So I decided to do look up the reviews on this company to see if they were legit......and of course my gut instinct was right! They are scammers. The other things that made me believe this was 1.) the world wide shipping, 2.) the advertisements on Pinterest (where I found them) just seem like a scam.

I’ve never seen them anywhere else except Pinterest and Facebook.Here’s the other problem about them stealing your money, they also have your e-mail info now and can use that for scams.....not to even mention what can happen when you enter your card info instead of going through PayPal!So good luck to again one who is going to pay them money and order, I wish everyone the best of luck that already did, and I thank you all again so much for writing a review so someone like me can be very informed and not get hurt like you all unfortunately did!Another thing I’m wondering if we can all do......is there a way for all of us to complain to Pinterest and facebook about them being scammers to have their advertisements taken down? Let us all know if anyone knows.Best Wishes!


I ordered a blouse Gray with white pokadots on Jan-20 -2018 and I have not received it yet it is 1ex large tracking # is RR180221****038874 it is now March 2-2018 I have contacted pay paypal they told me to contact you If I don't here back from you in two days im to let them no and action will be taken. thank you gmarosie5@***.org Rose Mary Kerr


Yes I two ordered a pantsuit from RoseWe and the material was also see through, poor quality in material and I could never get a call through to customers service. They don't have a contact number. So I agree with the comments RoseWe is a scam


This site is big scam.. i ordered two tops which took over a month to recieve and once the items arrived the tops look nothing like the picture..

my thought is to rerurn for a refund but you don't get back a full refund.. so it's a lesson learned .. never again..

Please do not buy from this website.. Scammers


I had bad experience. I have purchased a few months before with no problem but item was illfitting.

My 2nd order, I was charged $26.79 + tax, correct price item was $20.00 + tax $21.79. It stated this price on my order but my bank statement showed they took out $26.79. I called PAYPAL, and was told to contact ROSEWE. There is no number to call and is almost impossible to leave a text message.

I am still waiting for item.

I will not buy from them again. Bery disappointed.


This Company is a Scam avoid at all cost, different to the photo fabric, sewing quality is disgraceful, they used white cotton on black fabric and over locked instead of sewing a hem and to top it all of there was no invoice posted with the garment and return address is not clearly visible they have cut away half of the postal address number. I will report to the proper authorities here in Sydney. Last but not least they sent me a xx which is not the size I wanted and is equivalent to a size 12.


Just an update from an earlier post I made. I ordered 2 items May 15, 2017, and was charged $52.82 of course right away.

Today is June 14, 2017 and I'm still waiting for the items.

At this point I just want a refund. I will NEVER EVER buy anything from rosewe.com again.


Tbey are a xomplete SCAM.

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