This company claims to sell clothing and is advertised on Facebook. However, after submission of order--one item which made up the bulk of the order was not part of the package to be shipped out.

It doesn't make any sense if you look at how they have a count down for how long the item is available for and the item was available when I clicked on it but suddenly not available after purchasing it. It's just so weird. Additionally, they never bothered to tell me about it, or bothered to refund my money for it. They were just going to keep it.

Furthermore, after disputing with them via internet--they finally decided to refund me the money but it was the INCORRECT amount. This is a very strange mistake for a retail company to make, especially one that uses computers. Something's not right. Additionally, the "tracking" that they provided me for the shipment is not tracking.

It just links to this sketchy website 17track.com. A close friend has also ordered from this site and they sent her a shirt that had holes cut into it. It was definitely not what the site advertised at all. I don't know if their country (pretty sure they are based out of China) has different standards for internet shopping but if they are allowed to operate in the USA, they should conform to US standards.

Lastly, they have no physical address or "headquarters" and their phone number has a NYC area code.

Please help prevent other people from being scammed by this company. Thank you so much for your time and attention to the matter.

Reason of review: Problems with payment.

Monetary Loss: $93.

Preferred solution: Full refund.

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I am still waiting for two sweaters purchased a month ago! No customer service numbers, no way to track merchandise...Nothing! I will never order from this company again!!!




They ARE in China! My mom ordered several items for me the end of January.

After 10 days of waiting I inquired about the order & all I got was some trackIng # but that site doesn't work.

Then I sent an them an inquiry & all I got was some I D number but never any answer about delivery. I called Pay Pay & now they are helping to get my mom's money back.


Im so annoyed with this company my items took 3weeks to come.i.ordered bigger than my size they still didnt fit.material very poor quality colour should of been white they came cream no.return.label lack of comunication then finally offred me £6 i spent £35 and the money refund was only.to spend with them in my account why wouldi even go and.order of them again no way be aware the reviews are all.terrible ive not filled a dispute hoping paypal can help me


Is there really much expected of a company who has child slave laborors? It's companies like this that we are skeptial about that turn out to be such.


Please tell me I can get my jacket eventually... it's super cute and I really want it.


I am VERY ANGRY with these people.......they already have MY money from PayPal. So sad, I would have been a very good customer...


I'm having the same issue..can't get hold of anyone from that company..if it truly exists...I'll never order anything from them again...


I ordered two items from them 23 days ago and still haven't received my order even after I paid to have it shipped with 4-5 days. They advertise shipping within 24 hours.

Right!! When I call customer service I get no response.

What's up with this company? Very poor service


I ordered mine 16 days ago, and it took a week to ship, I emailed them about why it says 24 hour shipping when it took a week and they sent back a snotty response. I'm going to Jamaica for my honeymoon and bought 4 beautiful beachy items and a bikini from their site, when in reality I'm probably never going to get them at all, and I'm so sad!


I also sent many email about my items ordered but they have yet to send me a message back it has been a month since my order so if I do not receive my items by christmas I will be requesting a refund and never use them again.


I've been waiting over 3 weeks for a item to arrive. It's still not here.

No way of tracking. No email address.

.not going to ring from UK!... not happy!!


This companmy send endless SPAM. Their mail contains a link to unsubscribe but which closes the current web page. I think they are fraudsters and shloould be investigated.


Thanks for the review. I was about to order then had a gut feeling based on the contact information.

They give the phone number but say will contact you within 24 hours. I didn't feel that was a legit customer service line.

I then searched reviews and found this. You saved me money and a headache.


They did Me the same way three weeks ago. Not the right tracking number or neither did they contact me back


Im gutted after reading these comments. yeah i know if it sounds to good to be true an all that but i really thought i had found something good.

I put loads of stuff in my basket ready to order just something kept me back from placing the order.

Thanks for the info glad i found out now, best tell everyone iv told about the site. :(


Thanks for the tip on this site. I was just about to order, but had a bad experience with another online retailer Sheinside, so I thought I'd do a quick search on this one.

Won't waste my time. Thank again.


Thanks a lot for your warning! I was just about to place an order, now I won´t!


I knew the prices were too good to be true for what was pictured. I sure am glad that I decided to google it after not finding anything on the better business bureau.

Thank you for taking the time to warn people. I do believe it is a scam. It is a scam if what you get isn't what's in the picture and none of the pictures look like "a shirt with *** cut in it". Scam scam scam.

Buyer beware I guess.... In my case non-buyer thank God.


Same thing happened. Its complete scam.

They are fooling people. And just faking it.

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