This company claims to sell clothing and is advertised on Facebook. However, after submission of order--one item which made up the bulk of the order was not part of the package to be shipped out.

It doesn't make any sense if you look at how they have a count down for how long the item is available for and the item was available when I clicked on it but suddenly not available after purchasing it. It's just so weird. Additionally, they never bothered to tell me about it, or bothered to refund my money for it. They were just going to keep it.

Furthermore, after disputing with them via internet--they finally decided to refund me the money but it was the INCORRECT amount. This is a very strange mistake for a retail company to make, especially one that uses computers. Something's not right. Additionally, the "tracking" that they provided me for the shipment is not tracking.

It just links to this sketchy website 17track.com. A close friend has also ordered from this site and they sent her a shirt that had holes cut into it. It was definitely not what the site advertised at all. I don't know if their country (pretty sure they are based out of China) has different standards for internet shopping but if they are allowed to operate in the USA, they should conform to US standards.

Lastly, they have no physical address or "headquarters" and their phone number has a NYC area code.

Please help prevent other people from being scammed by this company. Thank you so much for your time and attention to the matter.

Reason of review: Problems with payment.

Monetary Loss: $93.

Preferred solution: Full refund.

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I also received my order today. Its nothing like the pic and they sent a child size.

So disappointed. No invoice or way to exchange this .


I ordered since August 15th received NO conformation money was dedicated from my credit card and up to date I haven't received the merchandise


Ordered two bathing suits I saw advertised by Amy Roiland who is huge into fashion so I thought I'd give the website a try because they were so cute but it's been 10 days and my package says u shipped and I emailed customer service and they said since I paid with e-check it would take 1-2 days extra (there response also contained 4 typos) very disappointed considering how excited I was for such cute clothes at such low prices. Should've known it was a scam but there's no way to get my money back


Is unbelievable that there are not authorities who support online consumers. Rosewe are scammers and Google should take them off because you trust in the Google Panda´s software when you search for a reliable site.


I'm sorry then didn't read all about these people. I purchased few items and they arrived, all garment was too small and not corresponding to their sizes.

I ask to send back for refund and I follow all I been told.

I send the parcel late January and they saying the still didn't received their garments ( I would not were them even to the tip) and still no refund! I payed by PayPal.

Never trust these people again!!!


Glad I read the reviews before submitting my order because I would've been pissed. Sorry you all had to experience such trickery but Thanks for posting.


I will never order anything from this website again I ordered a jumpsuit they sent me I don't know I can't even explain what it was it doesn't make any sense they took my money what I saw in the picture is totally different from what I gotI will never recommend anyone to this website again I am a very disappointed and I feel ripped offthese people are in China and we have no control of getting back our money never again


I ordered a jacket from them over a month ago and still haven't received it and I don't have a tracking number or anything.


If you did receive the goods they wouldn't be worth wearing - even a charity shop would throw them out


Lol glad I read the reviews before ordering thanks people :)


I ordered at the 12th of february 2 items through the online-shop and payed it the same day through paypal. Till now ( 13th of april !!! ) nothing has arrived and the delivery status as told by rosewe is still " in process." stuck somewhere in china....

Meanwhile I opened a case at paypal and I hope that I get my money back.

China is far away, but more than 2 months of delivering is absolute inacceptable !!!





I never received a track number .smh


Meme, do not order that dress! Buy her dress in a store, a disturbing amount of these Facebook advertised "stores" are just scams. The Internet has made it to easy to mess with people's pocket books!


my daughter is getting married next year and I seen the most gorgeous wedding dress ever on this site now reading this im not sure I want to order the dress. sooo disappointed


***!!!!!! I should have read this.

Ughhhhhhh that's so messed up. :(


Omg i just ordered some items and they havent came yet.im in the process of FB blasting thrm and callin my credic card company to cancel


I ordered 2 dresses and I paid extra to have it shipped in 3-5 days and I still haven't even got the tracking number, I sent an email to customer service they responded at 5am that they needed the shipping order number which I didn't even have yet, PayPal already paid this people. I should have read all this reviews before ordering on line, so upset. ughhhhhh


I'm so happy I always tend to look at reviews when dealing with companies for the first time...so glad I did in this case before purchasing anything. I think I will pass because if I send them money and I don't get what I ordered within reasonable time--there will be problems for somebody!!


I ordered a jacket two months ago. I have not received it.

I am not happy with this company.

And i can not get a hold of anyone. This is ***.

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