This company claims to sell clothing and is advertised on Facebook. However, after submission of order--one item which made up the bulk of the order was not part of the package to be shipped out.

It doesn't make any sense if you look at how they have a count down for how long the item is available for and the item was available when I clicked on it but suddenly not available after purchasing it. It's just so weird. Additionally, they never bothered to tell me about it, or bothered to refund my money for it. They were just going to keep it.

Furthermore, after disputing with them via internet--they finally decided to refund me the money but it was the INCORRECT amount. This is a very strange mistake for a retail company to make, especially one that uses computers. Something's not right. Additionally, the "tracking" that they provided me for the shipment is not tracking.

It just links to this sketchy website 17track.com. A close friend has also ordered from this site and they sent her a shirt that had holes cut into it. It was definitely not what the site advertised at all. I don't know if their country (pretty sure they are based out of China) has different standards for internet shopping but if they are allowed to operate in the USA, they should conform to US standards.

Lastly, they have no physical address or "headquarters" and their phone number has a NYC area code.

Please help prevent other people from being scammed by this company. Thank you so much for your time and attention to the matter.

Reason of review: Problems with payment.

Monetary Loss: $93.

Preferred solution: Full refund.

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poor quality. they ship what they want not what you order.

they make it impossible to return items. they charge for items you ordered but did not received.



I don't know why anyone would buy anything directly from China. they're all scamming bastards.


I placed an order, saw two items at good price confirmation # RR161026****512550

never received items, was this add a Hoax. want my money hagenpauline@***.com. hagen


sounds like it could be another WISH


I made an order olmost a mounht ago and I have not recivad my order yet.my name Teofilo Caro my email is Teofilo.caro@***.com


apparently some people wait 6 months or more for their orders. others never receive their orders at all. you probably should just expect to never receive it and never order from China again.


I ordered 80.00 worth of clothing and paid for fast shipping but the phone number they have is a answering machine that provide no name of the company can you please tell me how I can get my money back. No more orderings off line.


It is so ridiculous, because I ordered some clothes about 3 weeks ago. I tried tracking it and it is saying error.

You can't contact them or anything. Its a shame.

I will never order from them again.


I ordered 2 items from them and still have not received either one im bery pissed off right now tjey took the money from my acvount they keep sending me to different websites and still nothing im ectremely pissed off


As for them not being able to scam other customers...too late. They have many more companies just like this one...RoseWholesale, Nastydress, DressLilly and a few others doing the same exact thing!


I Recently Experience The Same Thing... Ugh This Is Why Ion Shop Online!


What's a number or how can I get in touch with somebody ?? I ordered a outfit about 2 weeks ago and have not recieved it yet!

I even sent an note to I guess customer service and they have not responded!!!

I need my money refunded back or my outfit!!! If anyone knows how I can talk to someone about this problem let me know asap


Me too I order from this website over 3 weeks ago and I haven't seen or heard anything from these people I don't know what number to call or anything. I am so pissed I hate ordering some places and they don't send me my product.. If anybody know what number I can call to contact this company please let me know


I ordered on March 8th and I have received anything either. I use to read all reviews before purchasing anything online. I'm upset, thought I will have the outfit before my birthday.


I'm dealing with the same problem I even call paypal and still getting the run around about my money cause I order 3 weeks ago still haven't got my order..


im pissed is there anything we can do


hi wish i had seen this before i ordered from them carnt find an email address to get in contact with them ordered from them a dress but never showed up or has been shipped what a scam


Same experience!


I wish that I've read some reviews before suggesting this site to my daughter. They didn't ship her order, and every possible way of contacting them is invalid.

Help. How did you dispute?


I really want to find a place to purchase clothing similar to what they offer but quality.... the photos are great the product not....

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