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I am sorely dissatisfaction disappointed in myself for checking out the review on this company before ordering. They are a huge scam.

I bought items based on pictures I saw on the site and I can tell u that they are nothing like the images. Not in fabric, design, size or anything. I would not even gift this items to anybody. They are all worth in the trash and I lost over 100$ on this transaction.

And they could only give back a paltry 30% on one of the 2 orders I made. I sincerely advise everyone to avoid these guys.

They are a China company using the online market to prey on unsuspecting people. I have attached a sample of what I saw and ordered versus what I received.

Reason of review: Not as described/ advertised.

Location: Fontana, California

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Not only is Rosewe a scam, it looks as though they “RE-INVENT” themselves. I’ve noticed that similar companies pop-up randomly as I’m buzzing thru the internet.

If you look just above or below this comment you will see the same blonde model advertising a grey sweater. I believe the companies eventually catch the eye of whomever keeps a poorly ran business and practices, that cause the overseers to crack down on them. These *** companies just change their names. Write their own ridiculous “‘WE INJOY VERY MUSH BEAUTIFUL DRESS WE RECIEVE FORM ROSEWE” or “WE DONT WAIT LONE FOR BEAUTIFUL NEICE DRESS FIT HER PURFEK THANK YOU ROSEWE WE ORDER AGAING WRIL SOON”.

SORRY, but I could not resist as I was writing this almost word for word on a review! Ladies, if you read similar reviews or you see bad review with halfassed sewing and plastic where leather should be....move on! I mean DANG GAL, the time and frustration it’s causing you, move on.

Take your frustrations out with a nasty letter telling them you will address their *** company with your local congressman - AND DO IT ! = SWEET GREETINGS FROM TEXAS!

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