Sydney, New South Wales
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I recently ordered 3 jackets from ROSEWE and the quality, size and design are all so different from what I viewed on their website.

They were very quick to take my money and send the goods but are totally ignoring my emails now to refund the poor quality jackets I ordered.

After reading several comments of unsatisfied customers I believe I have no hope in getting all money refunded and will be wasting time chasing this scam company. They copy so many of original designers hense why they are so cheap and poor quality.

I will NEVER order nor promote this company ever again.



Reason of review: Not as described/ advertised.

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I ordered a heap of clothes and what I though we're some really nice jackets. Once I opened my parcel and was left holding garments that stunk of a dirty factory, I was then drawn to the poorest quality of clothing I have ever seen.

Even if I wanted to wear them I would have to find a time capsule that would take me back to my seven year old self as the sizing was for infants.

So I logged a ticket to request for an exchange or refund to which I was told no it wouldn't get least they are honest (glass half full).

This is one mistake I won't make twice...unless I'm looking for some cleaning rags.