San Leandro, California
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I bought what i thought to be a beautiful off white dress to get married in. As you can see from the photos i did not get the dress i paid for.

Product or Service Mentioned: Rosewe Dress.

Reason of review: Not as described/ advertised.

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Did your order ship from somewhere in Asia (China) or a coastal big city in the US?? Most likely!

Cheap duplicates are often sold online with pictures of another real and legit product. This is from someone with years of experience shopping on eBay hahah!


looks like a costume from the drug store


You said it now im thinking it..... It does look like a drug store costume priced at 9.99.... Smh


Looks nothing like the pic, not just the color but the material looks like it's a slip, not an outer garment. Do a credit card dispute, get your money back. Disgusting fraudsters!!!


Besides the other comments posted that I agree with, you have to also remember that most of the items in a picture are tailored for the model wearing it. I'd say you aren't the same size as the model and the dress looks pretty darn close to me.

Maybe post a picture next time if you wearing it. I really don't see a difference besides size.


....Said the blind man.




If it's too good to be true & is very cheap then be very very suspicious. A lot of these online sites just use stock photos from actual designers, then get a factory in china to make a poorly made, nasty knock-off version.

If your not sure call & ask to speak to them - can the speak decent English, can the provide you with other photos of the item you want other than the 1-2 professional ones on their site (which are likely stolen). Buyer beware on all these sites.....don't spend anything you aren't prepared to loose.


This company and other companies are basically all the same company. The steal the pictures from real designer's websites then make cheap knockoffs of them.

If it is too good to be true, it is.

Stop being fools and go to a local wedding shop. You will save much more money in the end.


The pictured wedding gown that was advertised is drop dead gorgeous..I'd easily say would legitimately go for thousands of think that one could sell exact dress for pennies in comparison to true value is at best judgement, I myself was taken on a beautiful dress I so wanted to have many have said, what I pulled out of the packaging was a rag compared to the picture that was advertised!! disappointed I simply gave it away..Truth be known person I gave it to promptly disposed of it. I have been tempted many times later but thank Good Lord above after swooning over the piece of clothing I finally go back and reread the comments to re-confirm to myself how horrible these companies are..I hope many others are waking up to this as well.


I have put in 4-5 tickets to Rosewe already starting April 14. I asked to return the dress and get a refund Rosewe says I can only get 25% of my money back.

You can clearly see that the dress that's advertised is not the dress that was mailed to me.

The dress that's advertised looks expensive and it is dragging the floor. The dress that Rosewe sent me the entire dress is see through cheap nylon material that comes above my ankles......


Lesson learned: If you don't know how to pronounce the name of an online place you're buying from, don't shop there.


Dear customer

Terribly sorry for any trouble, and we totally understand your feeling, please no worry, I will apply the best help for you. You know, the price of our products is quite cheap, so it's maybe not perfect, and I hope you could understand this.

And for this item ,we will consider to change supplier to find the better one.

Please feel free to contact us

Looking forward to hear from you

Have a nice day:)


Maybe rosewe sell trash!!! Even free trash is still TRASH!!

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