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I ordered from Roswe seeing all the good reviews on their products. Come to find out they are all fake...

i can't leave one review for their horrible products. First off all of their clothes were cheaply made or not even finished or made not properly. One of the collars wasn't even finished. How could they have a 5 star review for something that's so cheap that is ill fitting and that isn't even sewn properly???

Its a scam... i placed a big order thinking I could return it. WRONG!!! $300 DOWN THE DRAIN.

As soon as i got the package i contacted them they gave me the run around for over a week not disclosing where i can return it to and refused to give me a full refund but only part of my refund or a store credit??? This has SCAM written all over it. The products look like they are made in a third world country. (I knew thos bc my parents r from one) and they are so cheap i think they r actually quite overpriced for what they charge because they look that cheap.

NEVER ordering from these scam artisits again. And warning people about their scam. I wish i knew before I bought so many items from them. The dresses look NOTHING like the dresses in the pictures on the models they look like cheaply made imitations.

Attached is a picture of a dress i was excited to get until i realized the collar wasnt even finished and it didnt even go past my butt. WHO THE HECK WEARS DRESSES THIS TINY. All the dresses were at a vulgar hem line they fit but they hardly covered anything. Just made with no care probably in a sweat shop.

STAY AWAY FROM THESE SCAM ARTISTS. They r breaking many laws.

Product or Service Mentioned: Rosewe Dress.

Reason of review: Problems with payment.

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I'm reporting them to the bbb (better business Bureau) They took my money and gave me no product. They shipped it to the wrong address blamed me! And won't return my full refund!


yep i got screwed over 700 au

they got the 23 dresses i sent back - as i payed for it to be registered. very very porr quality of clothing nothing like it looks like in the photos - yes stay away from these sites! and ROSEWE in particular


I just ordered 4 tops took 1 month to get I am a tiny person 100 lbs they wouldn't have fit a child. The one top was crooked at the hem.

Horrible products bad material. Never will I buy from this place again


I agree I just receive my so called jumper dress it's disgusting. Stitching untidy cheap jumper if I wash it its going to look like I've had it for years also the detailed sleeve is nothing like the photo. I feel like crying don't order from them RUN FOR THE HILLS


Sorry, Chinese company. Left out the "e".


If it is a Chines company, you have your answer.

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