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Ordered a dress and used the size chart provided as a guide and the dress adverised is on the right, the one I recieved is on left...it is not a v neck as pictured. It is about a foot too short all over.

Way too small cheap quality. Refused a full refund although this was their mistake by false advertising!!!

These are horribly attempted replicas. Don't waste your money!

Reason of review: Bad quality.

Location: Neptune Beach, Florida

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Do you know what sucks - these jerks are advertising on the site we are complaining on!!


It's insane how much money China is making from all these fake clothing sites. And people just keep getting sucked in because of the low price and good pic. Asians are so petite and skinny their clothes will never work on American bodies.


'Rosewe' complained that the skirt was 'a foot too short'...Uhhh, maybe it's because she has the waistband pulled all the way up to just beneath her *** & in the 'comparison photo' the girl's waistband is just beneath her belly button! Pull it down to below your belly button & voila...perfect length!

Am I the only person who noticed this??? LMBO


Hi. It's a dress. Not a skirt.


I'm the girl in the comparison photo. lol I wish that was the reality!

It was all a one piece dress connected though!! Exactly why it looks ridiculous cuz it is right up under my tatas.

Haha. Wish I could have pulled it down but that was impossible


Anybody can tell that the dress was made incorrectly. Not sure what the other girl did not realize.

All of these clothes coming from China are a sad replication. Everybody needs to do themselves a favor and read reviews on all companies before you spend your money.

These companies are now a dime a dozen. And thats what you will get a dime store item.


If u look at the style of the dress, there is nothing to pull down. The dress is made poorly simple


Thank you for taking the time to post your review....so sorry this happened to you...I was burned last year from a dress I had ordered...THIS MUST STOP!!


How do we stop them???!!!!!




Thank you I am a single mother and can not waste my time and MONEY on buying inexpensive clothes on sites like this!!! I'm happy I did my research and you people put your honest reviews!!!!!!


WOW . THEY PAY THEIR WORKERS 5 CENTS A DAY IF THAT. I mean, really though, what can we expect. I am simply done buying from China regardless.

Bahahahaaaa oh wow.


Oh also about the size chart comment.. Centimeters are centimeters no matter what country you're from. When I said size chart I meant their measurements in centimeters, not small medium large.


Yes yes, I know, I am ashamed to admit I had much higher hopes for this dress than I should have based on the selfie picture that was their advertisement lol. BUT there are many others like me who see something and let the excitement of something that glitters obscure the obvious red flags and may see my review as helpful.

This is why I left it. So thanks for your marvelous insight but why are you even on this website looking up reviews yourself if you aren't about to purchase from them yourselves?


This is why I don't waste my time with sites like 'wish' or overseas clothing. Cheaply made.


I would love to know where one could buy beautiful clothes such as these...I have searched at local malls..Macy's, Belks, even small boutique shops, but never able to find clothes such as are advertised from these fraudulent Web sites...any one know?


I've seen replicas of Venus, Victoria secret and Boston proper clothing from these cheap china posers. You'll pay more but guess what? It will fit true to size and be exactly what you were expecting!


J Jill, Dillards, Coldwater Creek.


When will American women figure out that a chinese sizing chart does not apply to American female forms regardless of what they say, and stop coming here to complain about this same old stuff? In China if you're female, 5'4" and 115lbs you're a big chick and wear an XL!!!

If you're above those metrics YOU CAN'T WEAR CHINESE CLOTHING FROM MAINLAND CHINA!!! Figure it out - American woman, no fit in chinee clotheeng.


You go now, you be here to long.


You couldn't figure out yourself that the dress shown in the ad was of some random woman using her phone to take a selfie? You seriously thought it was legit?

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