Way off! Using for an army ball but this just looks too cheap for a formal ball!

Too big and fitting sucks!! Waste of $40!!!!!

Reason of review: Not as described/ advertised.

Location: Clarksville, Tennessee

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Yes i like it


I placed and order on 5/17, it is now 6/16 and I still haven't received my order and when I try to track it, conveniently there is no record of it!!! CiChic you absolutely suck!! I went against my better judgement and purchased from a cheap website and you proved me right!!!


I ordered mine from a vendor on ebay.(I recommend that if you must order from an overseas vendor use ebay. and paypal, because you will get your money back if there is a problem.)I never got the dress.

I got my money back,but, lost the dress I wanted to wear to a special event.

I have learned that if it takes longer than 7 days to get the item It's coming from overseas and my not get here. It's a *** shoot that I am not willing to take.


That is definitely not the same dress, but what the *** did you expect for $40? Seriously????


I'd expect to get the dress in the photo even if advertised for just $40.00. The problem is some of those sites are stealing photos from reputable websites and then sending the buyer a very cheap knock-off which is fraud.


I agree they are stealing pics, then trying to make dress. The large is a small/med.

They are also all over EBay. But use PayPal and you get your money back.

Uk company do the same thing. Not true sized clothing


"Stores are allowed to fraud me because I'm only spending $40." ....what kind of *** logic is that


In China I guess they can and do. A fool and his money are soon parted.


What you see is a professional photograph with a model and then the dress you ordered is made in a sweat shop in China and is made with very cheap fabric. Almost like a costume you would buy at a drug store or party store quality.

Thin satin, cheap ribbon, etc. The dress was 3.00 to make.


I was going to say exactly that. WTF! A $40 dress m lmoa what a joke.


I have received a few items from vendors here in the U.S.@ $40.00 and less very good things . I love a bargain and online shopping.


40.00 is alot of USD. Any who cares about price.

If its posted for that price, cute, gorgeous buy it. And buyer doesn't know the sote is a shame.

When these things happen its called a learning experience. I was getting ready to make Purchase on site but thanks to review i will not.

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