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Complaints very similar to my experience with I had seen images surfacing through my feed on Facebook. I saw a couple of items that I could use to enhance an outfit.

I have posted a review concerning my experience from beginning to the end, you can find it on their Facebook page if you scroll down to picture number 39 it is a picture of a white cloak like dress they are advertising. I could not post pictures of what I purchased, no Camera Link but I posted a review. I also posted reviews on site jabber and sent them to Twitter as well. I was able to use one item without any problem.

It was a simple asymmetrical top almost like a shaw type style. I placed the order February 4th and paid for expedited shipping. Over the next 4 days I did not see my shipment and began calling, come to find out, the number was bogus and when I emailed them I received a response showing order confirmed, paid, but not shipped. I started doing online research and found hundreds of complaints.

I called my bank and put the issue in their hands. A day later I received a response stating that were on a one week Chinese holiday sorry for the inconvenience. My shipping was yet unprocessed but will be processed soon. No, I thought the one week holiday was either in October, April or May and regardless of when it was, there is only seven days in a week,.

This was the first time I heard from them after I called my bank via email February 14th which was last Sunday. on Monday February 15th, I received another email stating that I would receive the order on Thursday February 18th by the end of the day it did arrived. The dress I purchased is see through, you couldn't wear a slip with it unless you attached a lining. The sleeves are too tight under the arm, it is entirely too long, the opening of the neck is too narrow, there are four tacky seams on the dress that is not displayed on the website and ( I am not sure where they are getting these pictures from, adding no support to the dress it actually takes away from it in a highly noticeable way.

(Pictures of purchase below) since then, I have seen other Internet sites very similar to this one, and more. They have a handful of women and you can distinctly see about three to five different body types, all their heads are cut off and wording is about the same as well as apparel featured. Also, when I posted reviews throughout the event, I noticed shortly after, someone would post 5 star ratings and yes I also addressed that I recognize the perpetration and promised readers in every review that I posted from then on, that if requested I would be more than willing to provide every email that was sent from the day I made the purchase to the end. If these websites want to stretch their necks so far to lie as they do, having to constantly look over their shoulder more power to them and I will not leave any stone unturned to make sure consumers know the truth.

I believe they're paying people to write 5 star ratings and in doing so they are hurting and incriminating themselves the more because the English is so broken that one cannot understand what the reviewer is trying to convey, some of the reviews absolutely made no sense. Plotting to try and prove that dissatisfied reviewer are being dishonest. Not all of them. I continued searching and found that the copyright for each online website approximately occurred during the same year, which leads me to believe that these sites are in conjunction with one another.

I decided to keep both items. I was not about to pay for shipping the item back to them if it came to that and furthermore you cannot get in touch with them on no kind of level. Anything you wanted to return, you'd contact customer service so that they can give you an entirely different shipping address to return items, yeah right. I have saved every email that they have sent and might I add, it appears to be totally mechanical communication being made.

I'm not throwing away anything, I am waiting for the Karma windfall on them. Anyway I can help I will, by providing the information that I have retained. This is a poor internet storefront joke.

Do not buy from these unethical people. No personality, very little experience, poor customer service, straight out liars, Cheaters & backstabbers incognito.

Product or Service Mentioned: Rosewe Dress.

Reason of review: Not as described.

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