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I was thinking about buying something from rotita but wanted to see where they were located at and some how the name changed to rosewe i glanced at this lage and come to the conclusion they were the same company. I bought some clothes off of wish (from china) and their clothes were from 1 to 2 sizes off of american sizes a sm here is a lg in china. By the reviews ive read ill not be buying anything from these two companies

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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I knew it!!! All the clothes were very smaller than American sizes.

Wish Rotita and Rosewe are all the same company.

When I tried to return 3 items I was given so much poor information on how to return the items and/or the site was not working to produce the return slip I needed. I ended up with a supposedly pair of leggings that had the foot hole in the leg and not on the foot of the leggings.

@yolanda hawkins-rodgers

Will not buy from them anymore. Poor quality of their merchandise.

I have friends who got scammed by them both.

Just speaking on verified purchases by them. DONE!!!!!!!


Same thing I’ve noticed. I saw an item on rotita that was not being sold by rosewe but when I tried to sign in or register it said my email address was already in use!