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I have a ticket number T8005069847 and waiting on more info to return the item


I have not received my items that I ordered. I would like a telephone number to speak to someone about this.


I want to return my items but no return address

Dresses tops skirt all a mess complete rip off


Too small


Why want anyone contact me? I have been waiting over a week.


Checking the status of my order

Order# RR170511104102880 My phone # 571-274-0228 I hope u not scam ppl


I want to talk to someone

About my order


I placed an order over three weeks. I have not received my order and would like to know the whereabouts.


I had the same issue.Now, i have gotten the items and they do not fit.

The sizing chart is horribly off. In order to get a refund, I have to ship the items back to CHINA.

I didn't even know it was coming from there.Oh, I also have to pay for the return shipping.


My password does not seem to be correct for you so you cannot ship my product. My password is Rhetoric22


when will I receive my clothing?

I ordered a top and a jumpsuit about three weeks ago with the assumption that i will receive it within seven days.I ordered these items to go on my wedding anniversary so if you cannot deliver within the next two days i would like you to cancel because at any other point in time would not be suitable for me.