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Good afternoon, I would love to order many items I see listed, but I do not want to order through the credit card system that is available because of identity theft and I do not want to take that risk. if there is a number can you list it in your contact information or create a customer service number.

I have found when you contact a company direct it is much safer, and convenient, and most helpful which create less frustration with your customers.

I am very interested in ordering through your company and would like to have a fashion experience with Rosewe online, if I can speak with a customer rep. Thank you in advance.

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Ordered seven pieces from this company. Wanted to exchange two for larger size and refund on other.

They say they refunded thru PayPal but PayPal is unaware of the ticket number they gave me. Card I used to make the purchases is no longer available so where my money is I’ll never know. So I guess I’ll just keep the three pieces and give them to my sister and never buy another piece from them.

This company is terrible and no contact information so you can’t talk to anyone!! Just Trashy!!


Can I get a number to call about my order.


I sent in a request for a refund. I am waiting for a return label.

When do you think I can receive that label? I have 2 items that do not work for me.


Ordered a suit from you and have not received it. No one answers the phone when you call.

Port customer service. I would never order again from this company.The better business bureau will be contacted.

to Ivette #1516743

I order a swimsuit do u have a phone number I can’t find one


need to know about my order


Plz I place my order rn September and I haven't received nothing. My name is mirelis Garcia 6462403646


I wanted to order "Button Up Pintuck Color Block Blouse" COLOR: Black & white,

SIZE: Large. When I give my Credit Card Number: VISA: {{Redacted}}, I'm told

my Credit Card is not O.K.ed.

I contacted my Credit Card people and they didn't

understand why my credit card didn't go through. My home address is: 3042

Somerbrook Lane, Marion, Iowa. 52302. I am now in Texas for the winter.

Address: 1401 Smokehouse Road, D1 Rockport, TX 78382.

PLEASE tell me why my credit card won't go through. Joyce Shiley

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