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Good afternoon, I would love to order many items I see listed, but I do not want to order through the credit card system that is available because of identity theft and I do not want to take that risk. if there is a number can you list it in your contact information or create a customer service number.

I have found when you contact a company direct it is much safer, and convenient, and most helpful which create less frustration with your customers.

I am very interested in ordering through your company and would like to have a fashion experience with Rosewe online, if I can speak with a customer rep. Thank you in advance.

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Can I get a number to call about my order.


I sent in a request for a refund. I am waiting for a return label.

When do you think I can receive that label? I have 2 items that do not work for me.


Ordered a suit from you and have not received it. No one answers the phone when you call.

Port customer service. I would never order again from this company.The better business bureau will be contacted.

to Ivette #1516743

I order a swimsuit do u have a phone number I can’t find one


need to know about my order


Plz I place my order rn September and I haven't received nothing. My name is mirelis Garcia 6462403646


I wanted to order "Button Up Pintuck Color Block Blouse" COLOR: Black & white,

SIZE: Large. When I give my Credit Card Number: VISA: {{Redacted}}, I'm told

my Credit Card is not O.K.ed.

I contacted my Credit Card people and they didn't

understand why my credit card didn't go through. My home address is: 3042

Somerbrook Lane, Marion, Iowa. 52302. I am now in Texas for the winter.

Address: 1401 Smokehouse Road, D1 Rockport, TX 78382.

PLEASE tell me why my credit card won't go through. Joyce Shiley

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